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Blueberry Walnut Chicken Salad

Blueberry Walnut Chicken Salad

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This Blueberry Walnut Chicken Salad is AMAZING! I came up with this as a quick Drive Thru Sue meal on the go. And after I tried it, I knew I had to share it with y’all!

Having this fresh option for a quick lunch will help you keep to your healthy way of eating. I added a little bit of THM Gentle Sweet to give it a Waldorf Chicken Salad taste.

I chose to toast up Joseph Lavash Bread into squares as a cracker to eat this Blueberry Walnut Chicken Salad with. You could also use celery as a scoop or even eat it off of a bed of lettuce!

This chicken salad is so easy to make you kids could do it! Since it only serves two you could double or triple and have it on had for lunches throughout the week. Just store in an airtight container or even a big mason jar. Bring it along to a picnic or brunch!

Because this is a low carb dish it will work as a THM S meal on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan. You can even serve it to your low carb/keto friends or anyone who loves a good fresh but PRETTY chicken salad!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful tasty meal! Let me know what you think!

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If you would like to purchase the Joseph Lavash Breads you can purchase through my affiliate link here: Joseph Lavash Breads I love these lavash breads! They also make great low carb wraps or you can use then as a pizza crust loaded with all your favorite toppings.

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Blueberry Walnut Chicken Salad (THM S, Low Carb, Keto)

  • Author: Sarah Criddle


A delightfully fresh spin on a summer style chicken salad.  Sugar free, low carb and even keto friendly with the crunch of walnut and the fresh sweetness of blueberries.



1 12.5 oz of canned drained chicken breasts (or you can use about a cup and a half of cooked fresh chopped chicken breasts)

1 cup of fresh blueberries

1/3 cup of mayonnaise (I use either Duke’s or Hellman’s)

1/3 cup of chopped walnuts

1 large stalk of celery washed and chopped into small pieces

1 tbsp. of THM Gentle Sweet ( you could use a tsp of THM Super Sweet or 2 tbsps. of Lakanto Monkfruit)

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of pepper

1 Joseph Lavash Breads cut into squares


In a big bowl mix the drained chicken, mayo, sweetener, walnuts, celery, and salt & pepper.

Gently stir in the fresh blueberries.

Broil the Joseph Lavash squares on a cookies sheet for 1-2 minutes or until toasted a golden brown.